Submission Deadline: August 1st

Progress Deadline: October 20th

Final Deadline: November 17th




Submission Deadline:

There are three deadlines we have laid out for submissions for the 2017 Winter Issue of Premier Comics. The Submission Deadline is August 1st. This is our most preferred period to submit your material. We do allow late submissions, but you may not receive the assistance of our Editors for improving your comic. Late submissions also lower your likelihood of us accepting the material you are submitting. We encourage early submissions, as it means the Editors have more time to work with the contributors on any possible changes or fixes that need to be done.


Progress Deadline:

Our Progress Deadline is October 20th. On this deadline, contributors send the Editors what they’re working on; whether it be the newest revision of the script, the art they have finished, or concept art and thumbnails. You must include lettering samples alongside your comic, unless your comic does not have a script. This is needed to see if any changes are needed to your lettering. Please keep in mind that this deadline is mandatory. You are urged to send in your work in progress as often as possible if you ever feel stuck or lost. We will always help you through development.


Final deadline:

The Final Deadline for submissions is November 17th. This gives us around one week for any emergency updates before we begin compiling the final product. The Final Deadline submission must be intended for publishing. Failure to meet this date could mean your submission not making it into the issue. If this is the case, you are allowed to resubmit your submission for the next issue. Make sure you have incorporated any feedback from previous deadlines.



“What if I have a finished comic I want to submit to an entry deadline?”

We do allow finalized comics to be submitted for Premier Comics. Although your comic may be finished, we will treat it the same as others and you will still need to make the Progress Deadline. Finished comics may always need work or improvement. We will still work with submissions that were finalized before these deadlines. If you are extensively experienced in the medium, we may accept your finished work as-is, though we recommend you get in touch with the Editors as you create it, as we still need to make sure the submission material meets size requirements.