Possible Contributor Comic Hosting To Come

June 8, 2013 in News

A decent possibility will arrive for those who did not make it into an Issue to host their comics using our HMSB reader. We’ll be offering a small section where comics will be under a “Premier Comics Presents” sidebar, offering your series to be shown. This is also useful to those who did not fit the criteria or requirements of Premier Comics magazine.
To get your material hosted through Premier Comics’s online reader, you must be a part of the current contributors or have special permission from Editors, and must be safe for work. The images must be no larger than standard A1 paper, and must be under PNG or JPG format. To request your comic’s to be hosted, email us at vorked@gmail.com or brian@premiercomics.com. Once submitted, make sure your comics are zipped in either a CBR, ZIP, or RAR, and upload them to a website that isn’t a torrent or something like Rapidshare. My suggestion is to not let your comic above 60 pages, as the reader begins to bog down when it comes to loading the images.

Remember, safe for work, less than 60 pages, PNG or JPG, and no larger than standard paper size. Not too difficult to handle, really.

Premier Comic Contributors should submit bios now.

June 7, 2013 in News

A quick newsletter for you folks: We’re in the process of putting together a section on the website with biographies of the contributors. As for what a biography should look like, here’s a sample:

Brian J.M. is the Editor-in-Chief at Premier Comics. It’s a fancy way of saying he made the magazine. His job is to make sure comics get made and that people are reading them. His favorite part of working on the magazine is meeting new people and seeing everyone collaborate on their projects. He lives in California, and when he’s not listening to weird music he can be reached at brian@premiercomics.com.

For you contributors, they can be a bit longer. In general, a biography should follow these points:

1. Be in third person
2. Name first and then profession
3. What you do/are known for
4. Fact 1 about yourself (Perhaps your influences/interests)
6. Fact 2 about yourself (Perhaps your long term goals)
7. Location & Where you can be reached at.
8. Other websites
9. An image at exactly 200x200px

If they seem a bit long, we’ll work to trim them down, but it’s important just to get a draft of your bio to us as soon as you can. Here are the people we need bios from:

Jack Garren
Carnevale Guy(Matt H)
St Jack
Judge Anon
The Question
OverlordZombie/ Mario
Posh Alligator
Punt Speedchunk
Federico Iglesias
Troy Green
Lone Survivor
Red Tie Bear
Mathias Praz
mirone/Vince S.
Jim Stacey

– Brian

Vorked here, I have slightly edited the Premier Comics Newsletter to slightly update what is needed. I will need an image that you want hosted with your name and information that is exactly 200×200 and either PNG, animated GIF, or JPG. This is up to you. The text should be grammatically correct. Send me your image, name wanted with your entry, and the text to vorked@gmail.com

HERE’S MY SUNDAY BEST! The new Premier Comics online comic reader!

June 7, 2013 in News


As you can see, on the top-right of the information sidebar now shows a “Read Online” list of links that lead you to the page featuring that issue to read online! With this, you will not have to download the comics via PDF or CBR, unless you truly want to, in which those options will stay available to everyone who wants them! The reader is based in a single page with no need to load other pages as you click what page you want to load OR click the current page you are reading to move to the next. If, at the time you are reading this, not all issues have been uploading, do not fear. I am currently working on uploading every issue released so far.

New issues will be added to the roster, as well as any Specials or shorts that are released. Stay tuned for more information and updates dealing with Premier Comics here!

Be sure to Bookmark us or at least check up on us every week!

HMSB Reader for everyone!

-Love Vorked.