Welcome to the new site!

May 24, 2013 in News, Uncategorized

Vorked, here! We’ve currently begun the move to our own website! As you can see, we’re setting up everything as I type this. Stay tuned for more as we go.

Submissions now open for SUBSTANCE

May 14, 2013 in Substance

substance band

Coming this year from the Premier Comics collective is Substance, a new anthology of auto-biographical and personal comics. We are now accepting submissions – send us an email with a script, idea, thumbnails, storyboard, comic-in-progress, or comic that you’d like to submit. There are no hard limits on content – your stories don’t need to be non-fiction or of any particular genre; but with this collection we hope to provide a cohesive platform for work that might feel a little out of place between comics about zombies or aliens.

Substance is about life and art and all the things that bind you to the lines you put on the page. If you think a comic you’d like to make might fit, talk to us about it.

The specifics:

  • We are accepting submissions from now until some point later in the year. There’s no rush to meet an immediate deadline for now – we’ll release when we think the comics that are right are ready.
  • For those familiar with Pulp, the page requirements are the same. For others: your pages should be A4 proportions at 200PPI or higher – that’s at least 1654*2339 pixels, preferably in .PNG or .TIF or a well-managed .JPG that’s avoided ugly compression.
  • Your submission can be as short as one page – there isn’t a strict cap on the maximum length, but since we want to keep the entire collection to a manageable size, the longer your comic is the more convincing we’ll need. If you’re venturing up to or beyond 20 pages be ready to justify the length.
  • Submissions should be in greyscale. We’ll talk more about what we might be doing with colours with interested contributors.
  • Substance is an entirely free, digitally-distributed endeavour that makes, takes and pays no money. Copyright to all submitted content remains with the creator.


May 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Contributors to the current issue: As you may have noticed, this issue has been pretty hectic – both in terms of the upcoming changes around these parts (turns out launching three magazines requires three times as much work and that websites, annoyingly, don’t build themselves if you just leave them to their business), and as a result of employment and academia and other trivial non-comics-related things. Deadlines are going to be flexible this issue as a result, and since it’s the last ish – if you feel like your project is dragging on as a result of a delay on our end, don’t worry, you’ll have the time to make up.

If you have anything really urgent you need, yell at us via email indicating as such in the subject and we’ll bump you to the top of the queue for responses.

A more manageable structure for these sorts of things is going to be one of the biggest behind-the-scenes changes from Pulp to Panel Beat. Speaking of which, if you – as a reader or contributor – have anything you’d like to see done differently in PB, by all means let us know in the coming weeks.

Announcing… PANEL BEAT

May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

panel beat band angle

Pulp is coming to an end this June. What’s next for Premier Comics?

Panel Beat. Starting in August, Panel Beat will be released on the same bimonthly schedule as Pulp – so the deadlines will line up like they always have. Entry submissions will be taken in early July, following the last release of Pulp. The technical requirements remain the same (pages are A4 at 200ppi – 1654*2339 pixels).

We want to give our readers and contributors a better look at the process of making comics in PB, and give our intrepid comickers an even bigger stage to show off their craft. We’ll talk about what we’ll be doing differently as the time approaches.

Panel Beat will be accompanied later in the year by two new anthology specials. Stay tuned for the deets!