Issue 1 of Pulp!

March 12, 2012 in Pulp! Release

It’s here. You waited for it, and the day has come! To download the first volume, please use one of the following links:



If you need a program to read the CBR format, CDisplayex is the suggested program to do so.


Alternatively  you can rename the .cbr into a .rar and unload everything that way. Plenty of choices for you choose from!

Once you’re finished reading it tell us what you think!

Lover’s Knight (writer)
Carnevale Guy
Chemistry student with a flare for comics and festivities.
Lover’s Knight (artist)
We do art.
Awesome Feather
Thin Mint,
American Salesman (artist)
André, the world renowned artist* is an Australian guy with a graphics tablet who has spare time. And from this spare time blossoms comics. *Lies
The Challenger,
The Letter, Cosmic (artist),
Burrito Bandit (artist)
Sant “St. Jack” Farrell
St. Jack spends every conscious moment of his life thinking about comics. Follow his devart to wait until he finally snaps.
Nancy and Winston
Dustin was last seen in the woods, atop a mountain. If you should get a picture of him, send it to your local newspaper, immediately.
The Suit, Cosmic (writer)
Trippy is a mysterious figure, who appears wherever he’s needed to defend the innocent, then melts back into the shadows. Except for when he’s watching jlu.
The Long Ride (writer)
The Long Ride (artist)
Church (writer),
American Salesman (writer)
The Question
Journalism isn’t dead, but it is dying.
Church (artist)
Mr A
The Letter (writer)
Judgment from Above (writer)
Elijah W/The Bear Jew
Ursa. Juden. Awesome.
Judgment from Above (artist) Mario Maján
Bad Dubbing Optional (writer)
MailOrderClone was born at the center of a collapsing star, raised by martian laser-wolves, and briefly owned a cowboy hat.  He is a writer, and sometimes does lettering as well.
Bad Dubbing Optional (artist)
I don’t even…
Burrito Bandit (writer)
O. Taylor-Kent
Pulp! Magazine editor
Brian J.M.
Brian is a bad writer, a good organizer, and an even better friend. He’s always around if you need help with something.
Pulp! Magazine editor
Jack Garren
Wily Antipodean designer.