Announcing… PANEL BEAT

May 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

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Pulp is coming to an end this June. What’s next for Premier Comics?

Panel Beat. Starting in August, Panel Beat will be released on the same bimonthly schedule as Pulp – so the deadlines will line up like they always have. Entry submissions will be taken in early July, following the last release of Pulp. The technical requirements remain the same (pages are A4 at 200ppi – 1654*2339 pixels).

We want to give our readers and contributors a better look at the process of making comics in PB, and give our intrepid comickers an even bigger stage to show off their craft. We’ll talk about what we’ll be doing differently as the time approaches.

Panel Beat will be accompanied later in the year by two new anthology specials. Stay tuned for the deets!