Issue 4 of Premier Pulp!

November 21, 2012 in Pulp! Release

Better late than never, eh? Our fourth issue brings you everything from government plots to a very spooky Ladybug tale to an interview with artist Colleen Coover. So hop to it and download a copy of what is probably the internet’s best free digital comics anthology with an exclamation mark in the title released this month!

PDF download (57MB)
CBR download (68MB)

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Cover art by Pal-El.

The Exhilarating Life of a Bullet (writer)

The Exhilarating Life of a Bullet (artist)
Troy Green

The Nameless Quest (writer)
Lone Survivor

The Nameless Quest (artist)
e. Book

Alan Grayce & Al Sirois

Pen and Ink Guy

Oceans in the Sky: Pillar Problems
Steven Alphonse

Punt Speedchunk

Penelope (writer)

Penelope (artist)

The Lovely Ladybug Halloween Special (writer)

The Lovely Ladybug Halloween Special (artist)

El Cocodrilo (writer)
Elijah Williams

El Cocodrilo (artist)
Mario Maján

Premier Pulp! editor
Brian J M

Premier Pulp! editor
Jack Garren