Premier Pulp Comics, August 2013 Finale

August 29, 2013 in Pulp! Release

Premier Pulp Comics Finale

Hello everyone, Vorked here! I’ve taken the liberty, due to the absence of Jack Garren, to compile and create this month’s Big Lil’ Finale of Premier Pulp. And due to the absence of Brian, I’ve taken the liberty of also uploading and preparing a statement to go along with it! Here are the new things. The file-types are now much smaller, as I have optimized the PDF down to 8mb, and the CBR zip to 22mb. This will help your downloads be smoother and quicker. The smaller PDF also shows that you’ll be able to scroll through and load the pages much faster, alongside not needing to wait much at all to get your hands on them.

I apologize for just how long it took for this issue to come out, but with the disappearing of Jack for the time he was gone, it left us with nothing to work with. Once I got the files from Jack, I was able to take over creating the issues.

Premier Pulp may be over, but fear not, Premier Comics is still going strong. All you need to do is give us some time to prepare everything and begin anew! From the ashes of Premier Pulp rises Premier Comics!

 PDF Download (9.06MB)

CBR Download (Now better quality!) (18.94MB)

To read CBR files, we recommend CDisplayEx for Windows and FFview for Mac. Make sure to leave feedback in the comments, or contact us on TwitterTumblr or Facebook!

If you enjoyed this issue, and have even the slightest interest in making some comics yourself, get on board for Premier Comics big release! Entry deadlines will come soon. If you show any interest what so ever, contact me at or

A great big thanks to everyone that made Premier Pulp what it is, and thanks to everyone that will make Premier Comics what it can be.

Cover Art by Raph and Brandon Miller.

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Editor Brandon Miller