Possible Contributor Comic Hosting To Come

June 8, 2013 in News

A decent possibility will arrive for those who did not make it into an Issue to host their comics using our HMSB reader. We’ll be offering a small section where comics will be under a “Premier Comics Presents” sidebar, offering your series to be shown. This is also useful to those who did not fit the criteria or requirements of Premier Comics magazine.
To get your material hosted through Premier Comics’s online reader, you must be a part of the current contributors or have special permission from Editors, and must be safe for work. The images must be no larger than standard A1 paper, and must be under PNG or JPG format. To request your comic’s to be hosted, email us at vorked@gmail.com or brian@premiercomics.com. Once submitted, make sure your comics are zipped in either a CBR, ZIP, or RAR, and upload them to a website that isn’t a torrent or something like Rapidshare. My suggestion is to not let your comic above 60 pages, as the reader begins to bog down when it comes to loading the images.

Remember, safe for work, less than 60 pages, PNG or JPG, and no larger than standard paper size. Not too difficult to handle, really.